Insurance for Business Owners

Business Owners Policy insurance, often referred to as BOP plans, protect your company from a variety of risks. You wouldn’t leave your home uninsured, and you shouldn’t leave your business without coverage, either. 

Solidify your company’s business insurance coverage with a Business Owners Policy 

  • Insure company vehicles. Many Business Owners Policy insurance plans will cover company vehicles, whether you rent or own them. 
  • Don’t let an interruption in business create excessive losses. An emergency can shut down your business temporarily. You can prepare yourself with a plan that covers losses by offsetting lost profits or paying continuing expenses for a specified period of time. 
  • Cover your business in the event of a crime. With business owners insurance that covers crime, you can cover losses that result from theft and property destruction. 

A Mavco agent can help you determine the best way to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build and maintain. Please contact us today to learn more about business owners insurance policies.