Business Group Excess Insurance

With business group excess insurance, your business can guard against devastating loss. Financially sound companies in particular are vulnerable to litigation: if  your business becomes the target of a protracted, multi-million-dollar lawsuit, is your firm protected? 

Fill all of coverage gaps with a comprehensive business group excess insurance plan 

  • No company is exempt from lawsuits. Big or small, your business could become the target of a costly lawsuit. A group excess plan can cover expenses if you are successfully sued. 
  • Select the level of coverage that makes you most comfortable. By working with the top group excess insurance companies in the industry, we will identify the plan that establishes the best rates and benefit caps for you. 
  • Cover gaps left open by other insurance policies. Excess insurance is crucial for thorough liability coverage. A group excess insurance policy will protect you and your business from one thing every business wants to avoid – a surprise. 

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