General Liability Insurance

As a business-owner, you likely are responsible for workspace and equipment, and it’s your bottom line that suffers when something goes wrong. To protect your business investments, Mavco can provide you with comprehensive general liability insurance quotes. 

Insure your entire business with a general liability policy 

  • Accidents happen. Every job site presents risk for employees. Don’t be caught off guard in the event of an accident. Mavco can provide you with general liability insurance quotes for plans that cover personal injury accidents. 
  • General liability insurance helps to reimburse you for fire damages. In the event that rented or owned property becomes damaged by fire, some liability plans can cover the costs. 
  • Don’t let medical expenses cripple your operation. Professional liability insurance can cover costs associated with medical payments should an employee be injured on the job. 

Consult with a Mavco representative today to learn more about general liability insurance and to hear about your options.