Workers Compensation

Onsite accidents happen, and the cost to you and your employees can be potentially devastating. To reduce risk, your workers’ compensation insurance must provide thorough coverage. At Mavco, we can help prepare your business for the worst by seeking plans from the best workers’ compensation insurance companies. 

Protect yourself and your employees with a comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance plan 

  • Caring for an injured worker is expensive. When a worker is injured, immediate medical costs can be just the beginning. Your employee might require rehabilitation, payment for lost wages and temporary disability pay. 
  • Establish a working partnership between yourself, your employees and the medical provider. In the event of an injury accident, all parties want appropriate treatment carried out as quickly as possible. A quality workers’ comp plan will foster a seamless process while containing costs. 
  • Workers’ compensation can cover multiple costs. Workers’ compensation will provide payment of four types of benefits: medical benefits, income benefits, death benefits and rehabilitation benefits. 

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