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Don’t Get Burned By Home Fires

Seven people die each day from unexpected fires in the very place they should feel most safe from harm — their home. House fires can start with little to no warning, and can ignite just about anywhere, from the laundry room and the bathroom, to the most common place, the kitchen.

Fortunately, you can fortify your place against most house fires by implementing a few simple precautions as we leave summer and head into autumn and winter’s peak months for at-home blazes.

Don’t Leave Fires Unattended
No matter how small the flame on a candle, you still run the risk of causing major fire damage if a pet knocks it over while you’re sleeping or in the other room. Burning cigarettes also pose a hazard; if you have to smoke inside, use a deeper ashtray and make sure your butts are extinguished before walking away.

Stray sparks and hot ashes can tumble over the hearth of a fireplace, so take extra caution in winter to pre-empt such an occurrence.

Fireproof Your Living Spaces
Grease can catch fire, toasters can catch fire, and microwaves catch fire, making the kitchen one of the most hazardous places in a residence, so it won’t hurt to start there. Take a walk through the house to check your cords for signs of fraying or damage. Bear in mind that tucking a cord under a throw rug, or overloading an outlet with plugs is a sure-fire way to invite disaster.

Check Your Heating And Electrical Systems
As temperatures start to cool during autumn, you’ll want to have your heating and electrical systems maintained to prevent fires due to malfunction. Older homes have character, but may benefit from updated electrical wiring.

The same goes for your fireplace, and any portable-heating units you plan to use to stay warm and snug.

Get A Smoke Alarm
The National Fire Prevention Association suggests one alarm for each sleeping area, and on each level of your living space, including basements and attics. Change the batteries regularly and test alarms frequently to be sure everything’s in working order. If it isn’t properly maintained, an alert system may not be dependable when you most need it. As an added measure, purchase a fire extinguisher, and undergo training to learn how to use it safely.

Have A Plan Of Action
Everyone in your home should be on the same page in the event of an unexpected flare-up. Keep emergency numbers somewhere that they can be accessed swiftly. Much like an office building, a house should have a planned fire escape path, and an alternative in case the first one is blocked. Practice the game plan with the whole family to ensure things go smoothly when every moment matters.

Remember, it just takes a small time investment, and a few preventative measures to make potential fires fizzle right in their tracks.
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