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Have You Risk-Proofed Your Yard for Summer?

Now that it’s summer, it’s easier than ever to get outside and enjoy your backyard space — but, before you do, ask yourself if it’s safe enough. While lots of people get home inspections before buying a home, too few homeowners take advantage of the same kind of service once they’re settled in a home. That’s why, whether or not you realize it, your property could be filled with potential hazards you haven’t thought about.

Whether you enlist the help of inspection professionals to check your entire premises, the police department to evaluate security concerns, the fire department to identify fire hazards or your own knowledge to look for typical outdoor safety issues, take the time to identify potential hazards. Then, you can feel free to safely enjoy the season in comfort.

What Hazards Should You Look for In Your Outdoor Space?
  • An Unfenced Pool: Have a backyard swimming pool? Install a fence that’s at least 5 feet high all around its sides. Not only will fencing off the pool prevent unauthorized access — and potential drowning — but it may also qualify you for an insurance discount, too.
  • Overgrown Tree Branches: Summer storms are notorious for sending tree branches cracking over houses and yards, so stay one step ahead of home or car damage by trimming your trees now.
  • Clogged Gutters: June is a great time to call the gutter professionals who can clean your home’s gutters and check for any repair needs. Even though clogged gutters seem like just a small annoyance, they can get so heavy they pull away from your home, not to mention attract all kinds of pests who then make their way into your home.
  • Keeping Your Grill on the Deck: Sure, it’s nice to step out the back door and grab food off the grill — but keeping your barbecue next to wood railings, a house overhang or nearby trees is a serious fire hazard. To stay safe, place your grill at least 10 feet from anything it could damage.
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How to Have Safe Summer Parties

Planning a big backyard barbecue or a Fourth of July festival at your home this season? While you’re setting the menu and buying festive tablecloths, don’t forget to take this other important step, too: risk-proof your event space. When you take the steps now to make accidents and injuries less likely, you’ll be freer to enjoy your guests come party time. With that in mind, here are some tips for staying safe while you entertain at home this summer:
  1. Plan for Parking. If there are going to be more cars at your party than space in your driveway, where will you have your guests park? Think about it now to prevent dangerous parking situations that lead to accidents or injuries. Then, make it clear either in your invitations or through clear signs on the day of the event where guests should go.
  2. Minimize Chances for Falls. Sweep all walkways, clear brush and add lighting to any areas that will naturally get dark after dusk. When guests can see where they’re going and don’t have tons of obstacles around them, they’re less likely to take accidental tumbles.
  3. Serve Alcohol Responsibly. If you’re going to have alcohol at your party, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t serve it to minors. Likewise, have a designated person or bartender monitor alcohol consumption. You may even want to offer alternate transportation to guests who have a little too much to drink.
  4. Anticipate Activity-Related Safety Issues. Whether you’re having a pool party or hosting a waterslide event, think about potential ways people could get injured and take preventative steps to protect them. You could have a lifeguard on duty or a first-aid kit nearby, for example, in order to ensure incidents don’t get out of hand.
  5. Lock Valuables. Even if your party’s all outside, expect that one or two guests will feel comfortable exploring in your house. To prevent theft or damage, lock away anything valuable and clearly section off areas of your home that you deem off limits.

Even when you take all the right preventative measures, accidents can happen. Make sure you have appropriate homeowners coverage to protect you from any potential claims.
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