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Your Wedding Day Is Too Important To Leave To Chance

It should be the happiest day of your life — but if you don’t anticipate potential problems, your wedding dream could quickly become a nightmare. Considering all the costs involved with planning a beautiful wedding, doesn’t it make sense to take steps to protect your day? That’s why you need to invest in wedding insurance: with proper coverage, you can rest easy even when unexpected circumstances threaten your careful plans.

Think about it — what would you do if the following happened?
  • The musician or band doesn’t show up, leading to a last-minute hire of another company at double the price.
  • The custom bridal gown gets lost in travel, forcing the bride to purchase something else the day before the wedding.
  • The venue for the wedding goes out of business, accidentally double-books the day, suffers flood damage or otherwise becomes unavailable, leading to a frantic scramble for a new location.
Wedding Insurance Protects Your Investment
With the right wedding coverage, you’ll be protected from all the stresses and headaches — not to mention financial burdens — of last-minute changes in plans. Here are some of the areas a typical policy covers:
  • Wedding Location: When some unavoidable cancellation occurs at your venue and will no longer allow for your wedding to take place, wedding insurance covers the costs.
  • Inclement Weather: Say a freak storm or other weather condition keeps the bride and/or groom from being at the event. Wedding insurance covers the costs of rescheduling everything from flowers to food.
  • Attire: When the veil or a wedding ring gets lost, stolen or damaged before the wedding, insurance covers replacement costs.
  • Unexpected Job Changes: Your policy can even cover wedding changes due to an unexpected job transfer or summons to military duty.
In addition, you can usually add extra coverage options for photography, video, gifts, liability, honeymoon, etc., that you’re concerned about protecting. When the unexpected happens, be prepared. Invest in wedding insurance to protect your day.
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Guard Your Identity while You’re Getting Hitched

From the moment you set up a gift registry with your fiancé to the day you start changing your accounts after the honeymoon, getting married makes a lot of your personal information vulnerable. That’s why, of the 10 million Americans who become victims of identity theft each year, newlyweds are especially at risk. Identity thieves prey upon unsuspecting couples even as they attend expos or join wedding-planning sites.

How Can You Protect Yourself?
As you’re making your wedding plans, keep these tips in mind:
  • Instead of giving your primary email address to sites, services and companies, set up a new, separate account that you’ll use exclusively for wedding planning.
  • Don’t hand out your social security number.
  • Set up a living will.
  • Carefully monitor your credit card expenses so you’ll know when something’s off.
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