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Travel Insurance Basics

All sorts of things can happen when you’re traveling — but if you’re properly insured, you’ll have peace of mind and enjoy your trip all the more. Here are the travel insurance options always worth considering before you leave home.
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Delay Insurance. This coverage is worth its weight in gold if unforeseen circumstances force you to change travel plans, especially those involving expensive (prepaid) flights, hotel accommodations, tours, cruises, etc.
  • Medical Insurance. Few things are more unsettling than needing medical attention in a foreign country. If you’re going overseas, find out if your regular medical insurance has you covered — if you’re on Medicare, chances are you are not covered.
  • Evacuation Insurance. Taking medical coverage a step further with evacuation insurance makes sense if you are going to a remote location where you’d have to be flown or otherwise transported to a distant healthcare facility.
  • Baggage Insurance. If you’ve ever reached your destination and had to go a few days (or longer) without your luggage, you know what a frustrating and expensive predicament it is. Worse yet: losing luggage containing expensive jewelry or other valuables. Baggage insurance is a good option to fill gaps, depending on your existing coverage.
  • Specialized Plans. Many types of customized coverage are available, including insurance for road trips, backpacking, term life insurance, group insurance, over-65 coverage, and even corporate kidnap/ransom/extortion coverage.
The key is to understand what your current policy covers, and the specifics of what various travel insurance plans will cover.

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Protect Your Home When You’re Away

Knowing your home is well secured will help you relax when you’re on that trip we’ve just been talking about. Here are important bases to cover for home security before you leave.
  • If you don’t have a home security system, get one. Features to look for:
    • Remote system access
    • Motion & glass-break detectors
    • LOUD alarm siren
    • 24/7/365 emergency monitoring
    • Smoke alarm & carbon monoxide detection
    • Exterior security lights & cameras
    • Security system signage (a great deterrent)
  • Stop mail (including package) & newspaper delivery
  • Put interior and exterior lights on a timer
  • Don’t leave empty trash containers at the curb
  • Make arrangements for yard maintenance
  • For winter travel: Make arrangements to have driveway and sidewalks plowed & leave water running slightly to keep pipes in exterior walls from freezing
  • Don’t leave spare keys outside
  • Turn off your electric garage door
  • Lock all doors with deadbolts & secure windows
  • Stash valuables and important documents in a safe bolted to a wall
  • Leave TVs and radios on (or on timers) – another great deterrent
  • Don’t post information about your trip on social media before or during travels
  • Make sure sump pump backup battery is working
  • Unplug appliances and other electronic devices
  • Ask a friend or neighbor(s) to keep an eye on your property
  • Let the local police department and alarm company know you will be away
Whether you will be gone for a few days or a few months, always take appropriate precautions — a burglary or weather event or some other unforeseen problem can strike at any time.
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