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How Can You Keep Your Teens Safe on the Road?

Any driver can get distracted on the road, but for today’s teens who have grown up with constant access to mobile devices, learning to put down the smartphone is especially tough. The big problem? All it takes is looking away from the road for one second — at a tag, text, etc. — to cause an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving led to more than 3,000 deaths in 2013 — and that’s a statistic you don’t want associated with your teens. So if you’re a parent looking to help your kids stay focused behind the wheel, here is a gadget you’ll appreciate — DriveID.

How This App Works
The concept is simple: Mount the app’s hardware to the windshield behind the rear view mirror, turn on the app, and the phone won’t work while the car is in motion. The result: No more texting, emailing, Internet surfing, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Just the Driver: The app affects only the driver’s phone, so other passengers are still able to access information.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: As a bonus, you can use it to monitor where and how fast your teen drives, what routes are taken and where he/she is at all times.
Protect Your Teens Get the DriveID App Now
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