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7 Tips to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing This Winter

When the temperature is freezing, pipes may not be far behind — especially if you don’t take preventative measures to protect them. This winter, when the mercury on the thermometer drops, take that as a call to action. Consider these steps to prevent pipes from freezing (and possibly bursting).
  1. Insulate Pipes. For unheated parts of your home, such as the attic or crawl space, make sure the pipes are insulated to protect against drastic temperature changes.
  2. Disconnect Hoses Outdoors. Drain hoses and disconnect them from outdoor faucets, using an indoor valve to shut off the water for the season.
  3. Turn Off Water When You Travel. Going to be out of town for a week? Don’t leave your pipes to chance. Turn off the water if you’ll be gone for a lengthy amount of time, and have someone check in regularly to make sure everything is okay.
  4. Close the Garage. If you have pipes in the garage, make sure the door stays closed as much as possible.
  5. Encourage Warm-Air Circulation. When it’s especially cold outside, open cabinet doors and closets that cover pipes in order to keep warm air circulating.
  6. Run Faucets on Low. When the temperature is freezing, you might want to turn on indoor faucets to let water trickle and move through pipes.
  7. Keep the House Warm. Keep your thermostat at a minimum of 60 degrees Fahrenheit all season.
Nobody wants to deal with pipe damage or flooding, so you can also safeguard your home with an insurance plan that includes coverage tailored to you.
Check Your Policy To Make Sure You’re Ready for Winter
What to Do About Winter Water Leaks

Whether a water heater fails or a frozen pipe bursts, winter water leaks can cause major damage. Here’s how to lower your risk.
  • REGULAR CHECKUPS. Don’t wait for water damage to occur before inspecting pipes and appliances. Check them regularly — looking for rust, cracking or water stains that indicate a potential leak.
  • KNOW YOUR SHUT-OFF VALVE. In an emergency, you’ll need to know the location of the main water shut-off valve, so learn ahead of time how to operate it. Likewise, know where individual valves for toilets and faucets are located.
  • COVER PIPES AND SPIGOTS. Cover exposed pipes and spigots with insulation to protect against bursts during freezing temperatures.
  • INSTALL LEAK DETECTION. For the ultimate layer of protection, add a whole-house leak detection system that will sense problems and automatically shut off water when they occur. In some states, this system will qualify you for a discount on your home insurance premium.
If a leak occurs, turn off the water as quickly as possible. Dry the area, contact a water mitigation company and contact your insurance agent to report a claim — we’re here to help!
Find Out if Your Policy Covers You Against Possible Winter Leaks
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