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Stay Safe This Pool Season

On hot summer days, you can’t beat the appeal of a backyard pool — but the one downside of having your own pool is the added liability it brings. How can you be sure you’re safe this season? Here’s what to keep in mind as a pool owner:
  1. Fence the area. To minimize drowning risks, it’s important to fence around your pool with a locked latch that prevents unauthorized entry.
  2. Have lifesaving equipment on hand. Keep lifesaving devices near the pool, and know how to use them. You may even consider taking a first-aid or CPR course so you know what to do in an emergency.
  3. Set pool rules. No horseplay. No drinking the water. No pets in the water. No kids without adult supervision. Whatever rules you implement, make it clear at your house that they must be followed.
  4. Keep your pool clean. Monitor and retain appropriate chemical levels and maintain the circulation/filtration system. Test water regularly to minimize the risk of infections, rashes and more serious conditions.
  5. Teach children and adults to stay away from the pool drain — the suction can trap the swimmer underwater.
  6. Do not use glass containers or other items around the pool that can break and cause damage to bare feet. A rough surface that provides traction to wet, bare feet is ideal.
  7. Pay attention to the weather. If a storm is coming, insist that people exit the pool immediately to avoid injury from flying debris, lightning, etc.
  8. Remove ladders from above ground pools when not in use, to prevent children from climbing in unattended. Never leave toys in the pool, as they can tempt small children to jump in after them.

Double check your homeowner policy for summer
Protect Your Backyard Barbecues

Practice proper grilling safety habits when you’re hosting get-togethers this season. As fun as it is to have cookouts, grills account for an average of 10 deaths, 100 injuries and millions of dollars in property damage every year. Here’s how to avoid joining those statistics:
  1. Position the grill properly. Keep the grill at least 3 feet from your house, outdoor seating, trees, etc. Never use it in an unventilated or enclosed space.
  2. Know your gas grill. Gas grills are convenient, but you have to use them properly. Never use starter fluid to ignite your gas fire. Always make sure your grill isn’t leaking gas before starting it. Never use a match to test for leaks.
  3. Keep kids and pets away. Kids and animals shouldn’t be anywhere near your fire as you cook. Make sure they’re far from the grill until it’s completely cooled so you can prevent injuries.
  4. Never start a gas grill with the lid closed. Gas can build up and create a fireball when opened.
  5. Always keep a fire extinguisher close at hand to your grill — and make sure you and anyone else cooking on the grill knows how to use it.
  6. Check for leaks by applying a light soap and water mix to the hose — when you turn on the gas, leaks will appear as bubbles.
  7. Properly dispose of used charcoal by first letting it completely cool (48 hours). Then, wrap the ashes or used coals in foil and place in a non-combustible garbage bin.
  8. If your charcoal contains additives, do not use charcoal ashes as a fertilizer or compost — the chemicals can damage your plantings, contaminate the soil and even pose a health risk.
  9. Clean your grill thoroughly after using it. Grease buildup can cause flare-ups. Speaking of flare-ups, keep a water spray bottle grill-side at all times to extinguish them.

Double check your homeowner policy for summer
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