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Tips For A Safe Fourth Of July Weekend

Nothing says Fourth of July like a dazzling display of fireworks — but, to make sure you and your loved ones are safe to enjoy the show, practice proper fireworks safety! Prevent serious burns and other injuries from fireworks by always following these safety precautions:
  • Outdoors only. Never light fireworks or even sparklers inside.
  • Water on hand. Keep a hose or water bucket nearby for emergencies.
  • Protective gear. Wear safety goggles when handling or shooting fireworks.
  • Careful handling. Point fireworks away from people and objects, don’t carry them in pockets, and don’t shoot them from metal/glass containers.
  • Safe distances. All onlookers need to be a safe distance away.
  • No kids. Handling fireworks is for adults only, and sparklers are only used under adult supervision.
  • No drinking. Don’t shoot fireworks while you’re under the influence.
  • Soak afterward. Put all firework debris in water before you throw it away.

Double check your homeowner policy coveragee
Minimize Risk For A Weekend On The Water

Heading out on the boat this season? Leave all worries behind — by taking steps now to protect yourself, your loved ones and your boat in case of bodily injuries, boat damages, boat collisions, vandalism, theft, etc. Here’s how to minimize risks before you hit the open waters:
  • Pick a boat with top safety features. The safer your water vehicle, the lower your risks. If possible, pick a boat with excellent safety devices.
  • Buy a boat insurance policy. Protect yourself with a specialized policy catered to boats, which can include things like emergency towing, covering for fishing equipment, and total-loss replacement. You can also include your boat on your umbrella policy — just make sure it’s listed and that it has the proper underlying insurance.
  • Know what value to insure. Do you want to insure your boat for its actual cash value (market value) or its agreed upon value?
  • Practice boat safety. Take a boat safety course to be informed about proper boat safety measures — and potentially qualify for an insurance discount as a result!

Make sure you’re covered on the water
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