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Is Your Jewelry Covered Correctly?

Your valuables are important to you and insuring them is equally important to prevent a financial loss. Jewelry not only has sentimental value, but it has real value and should be properly protected.
  • Jewelry is a valuable asset
  • Jewelry is vulnerable to lost stones, theft and can also be misplaced or damaged
  • Certain items of jewelry are difficult to replace
  • Costs fluctuate
  • Items that are individually listed typically are not subject to a deductible
With these things in mind, here are tips for insuring your jewelry and avoiding loss:
  • Valuable items should be independently appraised and then itemized by your insurer
  • Never leave valuable items in checked luggage
  • When traveling, keep unworn items in a locked safe
  • Store valuable jewelry in a safe place
  • When storing jewelry, refrain from stacking items on top of one another
  • Do not wear jewelry while exercising or playing sports as it can break on impact
  • Make sure your diamond rings are inspected annually to ensure that stone settings are securely in place
  • Install and activate a home alarm system
  • For large jewelry schedules, you can reduce the cost of the insurance by having items in a bank safety deposit box
There are many options for insuring jewelry, and it’s important not to be underinsured. Common coverage issues insufficient blanket coverage amounts, lack of coverage when traveling out of the country, and replacement versus reimbursement coverage.
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