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Life Insurance: Giving the Gift of Security to Your Loved Ones

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Have you thought about how important life insurance is in your overall financial and estate plans? Here are a few ways the right policy helps you provide security to your family.
  • Life insurance allows your family to maintain its standard of living after you pass, sparing them an abrupt and possibly radical change in their lifestyle.

  • Life insurance is an estate-planning tool to provide for the payment of estate taxes upon your death. With the possibility of increases in estate taxation on the horizon, it may be timely to review this option.

  • Life insurance is useful to business owners as a means of funding buy-sell agreements, providing operating funds in the event of a key employee or owner’s death and other purposes.
Who Needs Life Insurance?

Life Happens is a great source of insight and practical wisdom about insurance. Their brief article “Who Needs It?” accurately describes how life insurance fits in with the various stages of your life:
  • You’re married — Providing for your spouse is important before a family has children.

  • You’re married with kids — Protecting your children makes life insurance almost a necessity.

  • You’re a single parent — This situation makes life insurance all the more important.

  • You have grown children — The kids may be financially secure on their own, but what happens to your spouse if you die first?

  • You’re retired — Estate planning issues, touched on earlier, come into play at this stage of life.

  • You’re single — Life insurance is a terrific option for singles who care for parents or siblings, or have debt other family members would become responsible for.
Read the rest of the article for more details — or pass it along to someone who may need to consider these ideas.

Please contact us for a review of your life insurance needs. There are many policy options, and we will help you pinpoint the type of life insurance and death benefit that best fits your situation.

Review Your Life Insurance Needs
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