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February 2013
Spring Forward With Home Protection

Spring is a season of anticipation. Warmer weather. Beautiful flowers. Birds singing in the trees. Yet the spring season can turn tragic if you don’t remember to protect your home with simple loss prevention practices from flood protection to preparing for spring storms.

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  • Contractors and hired help. Spring is fix-up season, but be sure to hire bonded professionals with job references and insurance to reduce your risk against poor work and liability.

Front Porch
  • Spring rains and sump pumps. Installing a battery back-up sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in damages from flooding. If you already own a backup, now is a good time to check the batteries. But just in case, remember to check your homeowners insurance to make sure it provides adequate flood coverage. Regular homeowner policies do not cover flooding.

  • Spring walkabout. Porches, railings, stairways and walkways that are not properly maintained or are susceptible to slick conditions such as moss can create safety and liability problems. Do a spring “walkabout” on your property to find and fix potential dangers.

  • Severe windstorms. Storm intensity appears to be increasing in America. That means it is wise to inspect roofs, vents, chimneys, exhaust stacks and shingles for integrity. Repair loose or torn materials, including siding that might be loose and subject to tear-off from high winds.

  • Lightning… and electrical safety. Certified contractors from the Lightning Protection Institute can install lightning arrestors to protect your home. But remember surge protectors for phones, computers and security systems. All electrical systems ranging from circuit breakers to outlets should be checked going into each season because electrical needs vary and can cause outages.

  • Pools and spas. Use a sturdy cover for all pools and spas. Fences prevent unwanted visitors, and accidents. Steer foot traffic away from wet areas.

  • Candle and fire safety. Candles and flames indoors and out should be kept on stable platforms, away from combustible materials or decorations. Extinguish candles when leaving a room and never let children (up to age 15) play with fire, light grills or use fire devices without adult supervision.

  • Burglary. Warmer weather often means increased burglary risk. Secure sheds and garages to block theft, and consider a security system.

Quick Facts About Spring Weather

Spring weather is unpredictable, so it pays to prepare your home and property to prevent unnecessary damage:
  • Rapidly changing spring weather often produces hail. Park your vehicles inside and close drapes and blinds to block broken glass if large hail hits.
  • Make sure outdoor drainpipes and rain spouts are secured and stable.
  • Check and clean gutters or install gutter protectors to prevent backups.
  • Plant trees well away from the house, and trim overhanging branches.
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