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April 2014

Keep Your Business Running This Spring

April comes with unpredictable weather — don’t let your business suffer because of it.

Weather-Related Business Interruptions
Sudden torrential rains could leave your business with flooding problems or other water damage that could force you to close for days or weeks, until the damage is restored and your property is safe for employees and customers. Similarly, a tornado or severe thunderstorm could cause a power outage that forces you to shut your doors temporarily.

A Business Owners Policy, sometimes called a BOP plan, can offset lost profits during the interruption of business and pay your expenses for a specified period of time. An emergency shutdown can create excessive losses. Don’t spend the spring season with your fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate!

Don’t forget about property and liability insurance. If damage to your business results in property damage for others, you could be held liable — so make sure you are covered.
Double Check Your Business Policy Coverage
Protect Your Business All Year Round
You wouldn’t leave your home uninsured, right? You have a lot invested in your business, so don’t leave it without coverage, either. A Mavco representative can help you determine what kind of insurance is best for you and your business. Many businesses seek to get coverage for:
  • Company vehicles: If you have vehicles you use for your business, whether they are rented or owned, they should be insured, and can often be covered under BOP plans.
  • Workers’ compensation: Prepare your company for accidents that involve employees. When an employee is out of commission, the costs to replace and compensate him or her can put stress on your budget.
  • Personal injury: Casualty insurance will shield you and your employees from high costs if someone is injured on your premises.
  • Break-in or theft: If your business is the victim of a crime, you can cover losses for theft or property destruction resulting from burglaries. Insurance can also cover consequential losses related to these direct losses.
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