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February 2013
Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Protecting your Business

In the course of helping clients manage risk, Mavco’s commercial insurance experts often recommend employment practices liability insurance, known as “EPLI.” This protection is often necessary because of today’s complicated and litigious business environment, and the policies cover claims excluded or often limited in most commercial package or general liability (GL) policies.

Key coverage includes protection against:
  • State, federal, or local anti-discrimination law violations
  • Prior acts, worldwide, and third-party discrimination
  • OSHA, COBRA, and ERISA violations
  • Punitive damages, when applicable
A thorough employment liability insurance plan is crucial to running a successful business.
  • Why do we need EPLI? Whether legitimate or not, claims by former or current employees for employment-related events are on the rise. Recently established businesses and companies with new hires are particularly sensitive. An insurance policy for EPLI can not only protect your company financially, but ensure expert legal defense in the case of a claim.
  • Protect your interests. Employment Practices Liability insurance covers against sex, age, race, and other discrimination suits in addition to other allegations such as workplace harassment, wrongful termination, breach of contract, and invasion of privacy.
  • Consider the costs. Like most liability insurance, EPLI coverage is easy to put in place and premiums are often very low relative to the policy limits. Most clients who receive a quote for the coverage will choose to purchase it.
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January 2013
January 2013
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