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March 2014
Prepare Your Home for Spring Thaw

It’s been one of the most intense winters in recent memory, and we’re all ready for spring. But is your house as ready as you are? The spring season brings inclement weather of its own, so be sure to protect your home with loss-prevention practices.

Severe Windstorms
Storm intensity and the incidence of tornadoes appear to be increasing in America. This season, as the weather is changing from frigid to mild, conduct a quality check on your roof, vents, chimneys, exhaust stacks and shingles. Repair anything that is broken or dilapidated, including siding that seems loose, which can get torn off in high winds.
Spring Shower Protection

Spring Rains and Sump Pumps
If heavy rain overwhelms your system or a sump pump fails at a critical moment, floodwaters can build momentum, backing up sewers and drains. It always pays to install a battery backup sump pump, which typically run between $100 and $450. If electricity fails,
Spring Shower Protection
your system will still be able to remove water. Installing a battery-operated sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in damages from flooding. If you already own a backup, now is a good time to check the batteries and make sure everything is running properly.

Check your homeowner policy so you know where you are covered. Flood insurance is not included in regular homeowner insurance policies.

Prevent Flooding In and Around Your Home:
  1. Inspect your water removal system. If your sump pump is currently dry, slowly pour in water — at about the rate rainwater would enter — until the pump activates. Make sure there is no dry rot or clog that would cause the sump to fail.
  2. Clean your gutters. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and other debris, water will simply sit next to your house instead of flowing away from it.
  3. If you have multiple sumps, try running both at once if you can. Make sure the overall system is coordinated and does not result in backups.
  4. Consider purchasing a battery-driven backup sump and practice connecting it in the event one of your electrical sumps shuts down.
  5. Even after you’ve inspected your system, flood calamities can still happen. Check your home insurance policy to see if your coverage is adequate.
Double Check Your Homeowner Policy Coverage

Quick Facts About Spring Weather

Spring weather is unpredictable, so it pays to prepare your home and property to prevent unnecessary damage:
  • Rapidly changing spring weather often produces hail, so park your vehicles in the garage. Close drapes and blinds to block broken glass if large hail hits.
  • Make sure outdoor drainpipes and rain spouts are secured and stable.
  • Check and clean gutters or install gutter protectors to prevent backups.
  • Plant trees well away from the house and trim overhanging branches.
Learn More About Spring Home Protection
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