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September 2014

Social Media And Minors

social media
Kids consume so much media these days and they have so many ways to do so, with smartphones becoming increasingly prevalent. If your children have their own phones, keep an eye on whom they’re communicating with. Be wary of unfamiliar phone numbers, late-night calls and texts or troubling Internet activity.

Social networks and social media apps can be lots of fun and can allow your kids to connect with friends in new ways — just make sure that the people they’re talking to are actually friends. Discuss online privacy with your kids and listen if they have concerns about cyberbullying.

Going on vacation? Remind your kids not to post about your trip as that makes your home a target for burglary or vandalism.


Back To School Safety

No matter the age of your child, going back to school in the fall brings about some new safety risks. Here is what you can look out for.

Home Alone:
  • If your child is on his own for a few hours after school, make sure the house is a safe environment.
  • Establish whether or not he should answer the phone and the door while you are gone.
Back to School
  • Give him an emergency phone numbers list, and designate a trusted neighbor he can go to for help.
Extracurricular Activities:
  • If your youngsters play sports, schedule a yearly physical at the doctor. Check that their protective gear is in good condition. Is the field or court safe for play?
  • If your teen has a job after school, make sure there is proper supervision and that the workplace seems safe. If she is a tutor or baby sitter in someone’s home, meet the family, and know that your teen is ready for the responsibility.
  • Is your teenager taking driver’s education this year? When in the car with your son or daughter, take the opportunity to instill safe driving habits.
  • Set rules if you need to, such as how many passengers can ride in the car, a curfew and a ban on using the cellphone while driving (the law heavily restricts this already).
College Life:
  • The dorm and the library are high-theft areas, where laptops, cellphones and sensitive documents can mysteriously disappear. When your student is headed off to college for the first time, have him get used to locking up his valuables.
  • Remind him to sign up for campus-wide text message alerts in case a life-threatening situation should occur.

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