The Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agency

When it comes to providing insurance, independence is a serious asset. As an independent insurance agency, we are not bound by the plans of a single insurance company. We have the flexibility to survey the entire market and select plans that are best suited for our clients. 

It is important to note the differences of doing business with a standard insurance company versus working with an independent agency. Below, we have listed some key differences: 

  • An independent agency can select from an array of insurance options, whereas a traditional company is limited to its own offering.
  • Over time, one’s individual and business insurance needs change. An independent agency can make that transition much easier, compared with a larger company with fewer options and greater bureacracy.
  • An independent agency has the flexibility to offer you one-on-one consulting. The result is a plan that works for you, rather than one that works best for a larger insurance company.
  • Because of the smaller business atmosphere, an independent agency can offer a higher level of individual customer service. Larger companies often do business by phone and are juggling too many clients to provide a personal touch.