Personal Insurance Options

While standard personal insurance plans cover the basics, they sometimes leave policy holders with unprotected gaps. Without knowing the extent and breadth of personal coverage plans, you could face a serious – and completely unexpected – loss. At Mavco, a leading Chicago insurance company, we specialize in customizing individual insurance plans that protect your assets, no matter how complex your needs. 

As a comprehensive personal insurance company, our coverage options are tailored to your needs 

  • Personalized automobile coverage. Individual auto insurance needs run the gamut. We find plans that cover damages, bodily injury, towing and labor costs and more. In addition, we are expert in insuring luxury, antique and specialty vehicles. 
  • A multitude of options for homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance should be comprehensive. Our experts help you find a plan that covers what matters most to you. Share your concerns with us, and we can be sure your home and everything in it are properly covered. 
  • Protection against catastrophic loss. A natural disaster is devastating. Learning that your personal insurance is limited can make matters worse. We will discuss with you the risks facing your property, and make sure you are thoroughly insured. 

Speak with our experts to learn about the various personal insurance policies we can offer you.