Comprehensive Auto Insurance Plans

Some people see an auto accident as an opportunity for litigation, and you could be the target. To protect yourself, it is imperative that you have an auto insurance plan with the proper level of coverage. Let us find you the best Chicago auto insurance quotes to provide you with the maximum level of coverage. 

Mavco is a respected auto insurance company that can help you secure the quality coverage plan you need 

  • Know the value of your car. You can have the peace of mind knowing in advance what your claim settlement would be before a total loss. We can help you establish a plan with agreed upon values. 
  • Get the parts you paid for. The better the car, the more difficult it can be to secure original manufacturers’ parts. We can provide plans that make individual part replacement much easier. 
  • If glass is your car’s weakest link, make sure it’s covered. It doesn’t take much to damage your car’s windows. Anything from a high-flying pebble to a full-on accident can ruin your windshield. Our plans provide full window and glass coverage. 

When you do business with Mavco, you’re working with the best auto insurance agency in the Chicago region. Please contact us today for your auto insurance quotes.