Insurance to Protect Against Flood Damage

Flooding is among the most common of natural disasters, yet many homeowners discover their coverage is inadequate only after a flood. At Mavco, we will obtain the best flood insurance quotes to protect your home from rising waters. 

In the event of a flood, don’t be hung out to dry 

  • Make sure you are covered. When you pick a flood insurance plan, you must be specific. Some plans only cover water backing up from your sump pump. We can help you protect against water coming in from windows and doors. 
  • You basement floor is the first casualty of a flood. You want a plan that protects the lowest level of your home. A finished basement typically requires a separate policy. 
  • With flood insurance, broader coverage is better. We are sometimes able to include comprehensive flood insurance as part of an endorsement on a homeowners insurance policy, meaning you have broad coverage. 

When you work with Mavco, you’re in the hands of the Western suburb’s best flood insurance agency - please contact us today to make certain you are fully covered.