Personal Group Excess Insurance

Highly paid individuals and their families often are the target of liability lawsuits, and even a small gap in coverage can wreak havoc. At Mavco, we can provide you with personal group excess insurance options to maximize your coverage. With group plans, you can spread the risk and obtain better rates with higher limits. 

Widen the risk pool with a group plan and secure better excess liability coverage 

  • With group excess insurance, there is strength in numbers. When you buy anything in bulk, you are likely saving money, and insurance is no different. A personal group excess insurance plan can spread the risk and thereby reduce the overall cost. 
  • Get better coverage with a group plan. With group plans, it is possible to secure stronger coverage. Compared with an individual plan, your group might be eligible for higher liability limits. 
  • Cover gaps left by other insurance policies. Excess insurance is crucial for thorough liability coverage. A personal group excess insurance policy will protect you, your family or other group members from an unexpected and potentially substantial loss. 

Consult with a Mavco representative today to learn more about our customized personal group excess insurance plans.