Insure Your Condo or the Property You Rent

You might not own the home in which you live, or perhaps you own a condo. In either case, your property won’t fall under standard homeowners insurance. At Mavco, we can find you condo insurance and renters insurance quotes to cover whatever your living situation may be. 

Mavco’s capabilities as a top renters insurance agency mean we can find a plan that protects what you own and covers that for which you are responsible 

  • Protect your condo’s interior in ways your association cannot. A standard condo association policy will not cover such items as cabinets, light fixtures, countertops, doors and woodwork. As a top condo insurance company, we can see to it that your condo’s interior is fully covered. 
  • Cover the personal property inside of your condo. Accidents happen in condos, and you want to be prepared. We can obtain policies to cover your personal property and protect against liability in the event that someone is hurt. 
  • Renters can be held liable. Renters must protect themselves against liability. If someone becomes injured under your watch – or in some cases, after they’ve left your home – you could need liability coverage to avoid a costly ordeal, even if you are a renter. 

Consult with a Mavco represenative today to learn more about our policy options and get a condo insurance or renters insurance quote.