Specialty Vehicle Insurance for Coverage of Classic and Antique Cars

When you purchase an antique vehicle, you are making a unique investment. Determining the appropriate level of coverage can be difficult. Standard auto insurance won’t be enough and could prove to be a costly mistake for the vehicle owner. Mavco provides specialty vehicle insurance options to properly protect you classic and antique vehicles. 

Protect your prized investments with specialty vehicle insurance 

  • Specialty insurance is specific to your unique car. Specialty vehicle insurance plans must pay closer attention to true market value to ensure that your vehicle is, in fact, covered for its entire worth. An “agreed value” option can make sure your car’s total value is determined in advance. 
  • Our plans can stand alone or be added onto a standard policy. With some auto insurance companies, we are able to add your specialty vehicle insurance to a standard auto policy, but with the lower antique rate. 
  • We cover all types of specialty road vehicle. Classic and antique cars aren’t the only vehicles that could require special insurance. To provide the maximum level of coverage, we cover recreational vehicles, motorcycles and RVs, as well. 

Consult with a Mavco collectible specialist today to learn more about specialty vehicle insurance plans or to receive RV and motorcycle insurance quotes.