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Addressing the unique needs of specific industries

When your future and that of your employees depends on the health of your business, you want a commercial insurance agent with expertise and decades of experience. Because of the wide range of insurance services offered in the marketplace, a business could easily overlook necessary coverage — unless it has the help of a premier business insurance agency like Mavco. We specialize in customizing plans specific to your company’s needs, from workers’ compensation insurance to coverage for commercial vehicles.

Mavco Focus Industries

Accountants and Lawyers

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“While it’s so important to have correct coverage for a business, it’s not always easy to find the time to sort it all out. This is where Mavco has proven invaluable to us at Messina & Associates Ltd. They make it a point to analyze and understand our firm’s needs, consulting us on all the insurance we need to know about. The excellent customer service is exceeded only by their thoroughness and professionalism. We highly recommend Mavco to any other accounting firm looking to bring their insurance up to date.”
Marianne Messina, Messina & Associates Ltd.

Erisa Coverage

Also referred to as the Pension Reform Act, the federal Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) establishes minimum standards for employee benefit plans maintained by private employers and defines the coverage limit requirements. By protecting against loss due to acts of fraud or dishonesty, ERISA ensures that employees receive the pensions and other benefits promised by their employers, including retirement, 401(k), and health, life and disability insurance benefits.

Animals: Veterinarians, Humane Societies, Doggie Daycares, Equine

We Don’t Just Claim We’re Helpful … Ask Our Clients!

“Hinsdale Humane Society has used Mavco Insurance Agency for many years and we couldn’t be happier. Last year we moved all our business to Mavco because of the exceptional service. I highly recommend them for your insurance needs.”
Tom Van Winkle, Executive Director, Hinsdale Humane Society

“We have been with Mavco for more than five years now and we are very happy customers. Whenever we have a question or request, they [are] extremely helpful. Their level of customer service is outstanding and by far exceeds [that of our previous] agencies. I would absolutely recommend Mavco to anyone”
Jessica Reedy, President, Animal Quest Entertainment, Inc.

Insurance For Volunteers

Typically, an organization purchases a package that combines a volunteer accident policy with volunteer liability coverage. The accident policy provides excess automobile liability coverage above the volunteer’s auto insurance. Volunteer liability coverage provides protection for a personal injury or property damage claim resulting from the volunteer’s work on behalf of the organization.

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Auto Repair

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“The efforts and attention shown by Mavco Insurance to my client’s needs were timely and appreciated. This is a good fit for us.”
Bruce O’Neil, Accountant, Bruce Automotive

Garagekeeper’s Coverage

Auto repair shops, auto body shops, tow truck operations, detailing operations and other similar businesses benefit from garagekeepers liability, which provides protection for customers’ autos in the care, custody or control of the insured business. The limit for this type of coverage is determined by the number and value of customer vehicles in the custody of the insured at the time of review.

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We Don’t Just Claim We’re Helpful … Ask Our Clients!

“I have been with Mavco Insurance for all of my contractors business insurance since 2010. Their expertise, service and educated staff has been and is exceptional.”
Chuck Urbasek, Owner and President, Trinity H Ltd.

“I have been with Mavco since 2018, and they have met every expectation I have for my small business insurance needs. Furthermore, they have been my savior in how quickly they respond to every demand my business has required. I am glad that I was referred to them, as I feel they are the best I could have for my insurance needs.”
Louis Spatuzza, Owner, American Precision Refinishing, LLC

Blanket Additional Insured, Waiver Of Subrogation, And Primary And Non-Contributory Language

A blanket additional insured policy automatically covers any party to which the named insured is contractually required to provide coverage. The purpose is to protect your company by providing no coverage for claims that are attributable to your negligence alone.

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Fitness Studios

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“Our experience with Mavco Insurance when opening our new fitness studio was professional and thorough. As we continue to work together, we are consistently impressed with the response time and knowledge provided to us. PLATE28 says 5 Stars!"
Katie Mueller, Owner and Co-Founder, PLATE28

Professional Liability With Sexual Molestation Language

Anyone who operates his or her own business needs professional liability insurance in addition to a business owner policy. Professional liability protects individuals and companies against errors and omissions such as giving advice that turns out to be wrong or failing to deliver a service. It also covers legal fees incurred in defending a covered claim. Abuse and molestation liability insurance protects the company and its employees and volunteers against allegations of sexual misconduct and molestation by clients. Defending against such claims is quite costly.

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Not-for-Profit Organizations

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“Mavco Insurance provides peace of mind! The Les Turner ALS Foundation has used Mavco for their insurance needs for many years. We can't recommend them enough! Not only for their honesty and integrity, but also for their exceptional customer service."
Deb Marron, Office and HR Manager, Les Turner ALS Foundation

“Mavco has been a fabulous partner to the Evanston Community Foundation for more than 15 years. They are responsive, reliable and knowledgeable."
Jan Fischer, CFO, Evanston Community Foundation

Special Event Coverage

This type of insurance is essential in addressing the potential financial loss that a nonprofit organization can suffer if a planned event must be canceled or postponed. Special event liability also covers injuries and property damage that may occur during the event.

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We Don’t Just Claim We’re Helpful … Ask Our Clients!

"Mavco has been great to work with. They helped me resolve audit issues with my prior policy and they continue to provide excellent service.”
Mike Taffe, Owner, Eddie’s Lounge

Liquor Liability Insurance

A liquor liability policy is essential for taverns and restaurants that serve alcohol. Also called dram shop insurance, this type of policy fills the gaps in — but does not replace — general liability insurance, covering property damage and physical injuries caused by patrons who have become intoxicated at your place of business.

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Coverage Claims Examples

Apartment Buildings and Condo Associations

Habitational Liability Claim

When an apartment building caught on fire due to a tenant’s negligent candle burning, the fire quickly spread to other units, trapping another resident’s child. When the child later died of his injuries, the building owner was found liable because the smoke detectors were not functioning properly. This case resulted in a $5,000,000 settlement.

Commercial Umbrella And Excess Liability Coverage

Businesses can face exposures that exceed the $1 million primary general liability limit. That’s why we offer excess liability coverage. For a relatively low premium, you can rest easy knowing that your excess limit will cover your business.

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Subcontractor Liability Claim

A general contractor sent his flooring subcontractor to finish sealing a client’s brand-new wood floors. That evening, the project burned to the ground. Investigators determined that the proximate cause of the fire was spontaneous combustion of the sealant left behind by the subcontractor. This case resulted in a $3,500,000 settlement.

Commercial Umbrella And Excess Liability Coverage

Businesses can face exposures that exceed the $1 million primary general liability limit. That’s why we offer excess liability coverage. For a relatively low premium, you can rest easy knowing that your excess limit will cover your business.

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Medical / Health Facilities

Data Breach Claim

A former medical office employee stole a laptop containing patient medical records. She used the information to publicly shame patients on social media. During the investigation into the incident, it is discovered that this employee had a history of theft. The doctor was fined for violating HIPAA by not conducting proper background checks on employees. The doctor was also sued by the patients whose private medical information was leaked.

Data Breach Liability Coverage

Data or cyber insurance mitigates the risk of civil litigation and other penalties in the event of a data theft or data loss. Cybercrime, hacking and other digital security breaches — including breaches of private information — are covered, but only some policies cover HIPAA-related fines and violations.

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Restaurants, Bars and Breweries

Identity Theft Claim

A small business owner of a local restaurant discovered his identity had been stolen when his bank denied his loan request to open a new location. The identity thief destroyed the owner’s credit score and the owner incurred large expenses attempting to reverse the damage done. His cyber liability policy covered the expenses to send corrective documents to the credit agencies, fees to resubmit all loan application documents, and for future credit monitoring.

Cyber And Data Breach / Identity Theft Coverage

Cyber liability insurance policies cover the expenses incurred as a result of a data or identity theft. Without liability Insurance, small businesses may be forced to close permanently because they lack the resources to pay the high recovery costs. Mavco can help you find an affordable plan that fits your business needs.

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Small and Home Businesses

Cyberattack Claim

Kristen’s interior design business was hijacked when a cyber thief released ransomware into her system and held all her digital designs for ransom.

Cyber Extortion Threat Coverage

Many cyber liability insurance policies offer cyber extortion/ransomware coverage for an additional premium. A cyber extortion policy covers the ransom paid to the cybercriminal and other extortion-related expenses as well as any costs incurred to repair or replace your hardware, software and data.

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Other Industries

  • Investment Properties
  • Manufacturing and Distributing
  • Specialty Risks
  • Offices

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